Saturday, September 17, 2011


I reicived my copy of the Blu-ray box on Thursday. I had it pre-ordered from With it I got a frame from Episode III where Anakin and Obi-Wan is fighting on Mustafar as pre-order gift. Pretty cool.

But I was more excited about the blu-ray box it self! All 6 films in HD quality and 3 discs of extra-material. I haven't had time to watch any more than Ep I and II, with the deleted/extended scenes for these two. But wow, it's pretty! Really like it! And detailed pics of Darth Mauls costume! (More on this sometime later.)

Today we had a troop here in Bodø. A blu-ray promotion at the local Elkjøp store. We're only two troopers up here. JC with his Darth Vader (and two unapproved/inactive TD's) and me with my Biker Scout, reserve pilot and Crew-man. Fortunatley I had two guys at school who wanted to join in on the fun, Ola and Jostein.

We met at Elkjøp 1130 and bit back and forth helping each other dress-up. We didn't have anyone as support. (Hopefully next time!) We just wandered around inside the store and outside around the building trying to pull people inside.

The event wasn't announced up front, but it worked out pretty good. Lots of happy kids and parents! I even got a dad to buy a PS3 and the blu-ray box for his son (and himself)!

Down side was two old ladies having a go at me for sporting my costumes in public after the tragedy on the 22. July. But I guess we'll always have these people.

Now I'm gonna watch a SW movie and have a few beers with JC, Jostein and a few others. Cheers!

Pictures in no particular order:

Prepping to go out.


  1. Ser meg i et sånt speil nesten hver dag...Men så masse bra biler da! :D :D :D

  2. Du e forresten veldig velkommen på Miniminimini troop i ankern 12. november... :D