Sunday, February 12, 2012


First troop in 2011, and yet another

This time in Malmö 2.-3. of April.

About 20 troopers a few Rebels and 6 supporters. Same standard photostand. This time around we had a drawing contest, where we drew prizes at random.

Had two parades each day, other than that just loafing around patrolling the convention floor.

Troopers with support:

There was a few famous guests at this one, these three were the ones I'd like to meet the most (and knew who was really):

Richard Bonehill, stunt man and a lot of different troopers in Star Wars.

Michael Winslow from the Police Academy.

And last, but not least Billy Dee Williams. Lando Calrissian from Star Wars and Mayor of Gotham.

I met them up close and "personal" aswell.

Richard Bonehill and me.

Michael Winslow and me. He was really fun guy, told him I was a sergeant and he began saluting me and when I told him I hoped to start at the Police Academy he wished me good luck and all the best. Great guy!

Janne brought along his Chewbacca costume. Plain and simple awesome. And a crowd magnet!

So I had to try it! (Janne was exhausted and really warm from using it, and since were the same height, why not?! I'm not complaining!)

Then Boba Fett came along and destroied the mood, had to put him in place.

Ole Petter and I had been working on some other costumes aswell (mostly Ole Petter though), namley Ghostbuster costumes. We finished it the night before the con.

First two members in Ghostbusters Norway. Then later Lisa had her costume made, and mine stolen. Not redone it yet.

Good troop, and kudos to Magnus who spent a long time taking the bus down and supported us during the weekend. He usually takes a lot of photo's at troops he supports and put them up on his webpage,



Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stockholm SSCFC and birthday troop.

 It's been a while (pun intended?). This one is a year over due, but it's an update none the less. Unfortunatley I was unable to be there for the convention this year. Maybe next time!?

Enjoy! (Take it as a happy look back in time okey?)

Stockholm 27.-28. November 2010.

This was another big troop! 30 troopers, 7 Rebels, 13 supporters and 1 astromech!

We had the usual setup with photostand. We also had a game where troopers went about and did different stuff, like Tuskens playing golf, Biker's knitting etc. where people got the trooper to sign a paper which they handed in. Later we had a prize draw for this.

Alot of the people gathered!

My first encounter with R2-D2. Made by Thomas, now a fellow Biker Scout!

We do have to ducktape some one, atleast Anton.

Changing room mess. Yeah, it's like this most of the times.

Tierd, happy, slightly tipsy troopers Saturday night.

Tobias, me and Andrew.

Supporter Daniel in Andrew's Clone, he's pretty happy. No wonder why!

Time for another costume swap. Andreas in my Biker. (With Padmé/Elise in the back.)

And me in Andreas' costume. "I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe."

And as I have realized writing this post, I need to get a way better camera and take more pictures. And more pictures of stuff happening around at conventions like these.

So here's me and another convention goer. KICK ASS!

Two weeks later we had a birthday troop in Norway. This was the first day of my Christmas vacation. We were 6 troopers attending. And there was 3 kids at the birthday. We made that kid's day atleast.

There was a Vader, Revan, Snowtrooper, Stormtrooper and two Biker Scouts. We fitted two of the troopers with blinks on their chests, and the kids with foam blaster. Then they had some saber training against Vader and Revan. Fun little troop. Felt good when we saw how happy the kid became.

We later went to an indian restruant and had a delicious meal, before leaving for home and Christmas. (Just shows how far behind I am on these! ;)

Keep coming by!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trading Card!

I've gotten my own trading card! My card is number 169 in the 501st Gateway Collection!




I am very happy about how it turned out! I'm collecting the 501st trading cards. Very cool to have cards of all the different troopers. I hope to have as many as I can signed!

If you want a card, let me know!

And a little pic from Halloween:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Graff Wars.

A weekend in September 2010 I traveled to Oslo to attend the release of the first Norwegian Star Wars related book release. We gathered at a book store in the parade street of Oslo and we walked down to Spikersuppa to a stage where the book was presented. The book is about Star Wars inspired street art or grafiti if you like. Pretty cool book named Graff Wars.

We had two dancers dressed as "jedi" in the parade, and they had a dance-off on stage. Here's an interview regarding the book release aswell. (In Norwegian.)

Troopers posing with the book.

Chilling outside the bookstore.

After the book presentation. Stood guard in front of the Parliament.

Magnus and Helga was in town aswell, had to steal a photo with them.

Untill next time!


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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I reicived my copy of the Blu-ray box on Thursday. I had it pre-ordered from With it I got a frame from Episode III where Anakin and Obi-Wan is fighting on Mustafar as pre-order gift. Pretty cool.

But I was more excited about the blu-ray box it self! All 6 films in HD quality and 3 discs of extra-material. I haven't had time to watch any more than Ep I and II, with the deleted/extended scenes for these two. But wow, it's pretty! Really like it! And detailed pics of Darth Mauls costume! (More on this sometime later.)

Today we had a troop here in Bodø. A blu-ray promotion at the local Elkjøp store. We're only two troopers up here. JC with his Darth Vader (and two unapproved/inactive TD's) and me with my Biker Scout, reserve pilot and Crew-man. Fortunatley I had two guys at school who wanted to join in on the fun, Ola and Jostein.

We met at Elkjøp 1130 and bit back and forth helping each other dress-up. We didn't have anyone as support. (Hopefully next time!) We just wandered around inside the store and outside around the building trying to pull people inside.

The event wasn't announced up front, but it worked out pretty good. Lots of happy kids and parents! I even got a dad to buy a PS3 and the blu-ray box for his son (and himself)!

Down side was two old ladies having a go at me for sporting my costumes in public after the tragedy on the 22. July. But I guess we'll always have these people.

Now I'm gonna watch a SW movie and have a few beers with JC, Jostein and a few others. Cheers!

Pictures in no particular order:

Prepping to go out.